Our Purpose in Life

There is a purpose in life—to evolve to consciousness.  Humans are the crowning jewel of creation and our purpose is to evolve into full self-knowledge.  Our job is to bring the light of truth to all corners of our mind.  No matter how enshrouded our psyches have become in ancestral and familial trauma, we must clear the clutter and see truth.  This profound yearning to know ourselves fully is etched in the psyches of our common humanity.  We all carry this compelling blueprint.

The deepest drives in human nature are not and never were sex and aggression.  Those are but a vestigial link to our animal ancestry.  Continue reading

What is Evolution?

Evolution is the mysterious urge that sparks all of life to grow into increased and more complex form—and ultimately to develop into full consciousness.

We can no longer define evolution as a biological construct dominated by natural selection and survival of the fittest.  With humanity’s enlarged brain and our capacity to seemingly “outsmart” nature at every turn, the biological evolution that was once defined by genetic mutational change occurring over the eons is now defined by human choice. Continue reading

How do we evolve?

We evolve when we honor the expansive urge of truth at our core.  This is our deepest and most natural tendency—to grow beyond ourselves and our families.

In order to grow, we must align with this profound calling.  But there is a price:  we must resolve our traumatic legacy.  We must leave our families and their denial of the wounds we carry.  We must leave their limiting definitions of meaning and safety.  Continue reading

The Earth is Ill

Because of humanity’s collective failure to resolve our traumatic history, we have become emotionally ill as a species.  Out of our minds, we abuse ourselves, others, and sorrowfully our planet home.  The earth is sick because we are sick.  We have asked the planet to absorb our exploitative and poisonous patterns that result from our emotional unbalance.  And this does not work.

As we continuously run from our true selves, we compensate for our emptiness by having children and overpopulating the planet. Continue reading

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment, that overused and often distorted word, is the dissolution of the unconscious.  When repressed traumatic memories and events are acknowledged, felt, grieved, and freed—we become enlightened.  Our channel becomes clear so that truth can flow through us.

We’ve all have had moments of enlightenment.  With unusual clarity, we see truth.  The clouds part—and we say ‘aha’! We are at one with all things.  Continue reading

What is the unconscious?

The unconscious is a mental repository that holds our repressed feelings and experiences—all that was too painful to feel or know at the time it occurred and all that remains so.  These troubling experiences usually occur in childhood, that vulnerable time of life when we were trapped in our situations and when the implications of what we saw and experienced overwhelmed us.  To save our sanity we held these difficult feelings and experiences for a later time, in hopes that we would become strong enough and authentic enough to bear their emotional impact. Continue reading

What Is the True Self?

At our conception, we are immaculate.  We are born imbued with truth, a spark of the divine.  And no matter what happens to us on our life’s journey, at the core of each of us remains a true and perfect self.  This is one of the mysteries of life and also one of the saving graces of human existence.  No matter what traumas we endured during our childhood, even during our troubled days in the womb, our core remains inviolate, untainted, sacred, and pure.

But why are we sacred?  Our humanity is sacred because of our capacity to interface with truth. Continue reading

The Propensity for Violence in the Unhealed

People who have not healed their wounds of childhood have a propensity for violence—and live looking for a fight.  From bickering with a partner to self-destructive behavior to squabbles at work to outright international warfare, all violence stems from adults who have not addressed the wounded child within and instead seek revenge outside.

Only adults who have confronted our parents—either face-to-face, or more essentially, within our psyches—and resolved our childhood rage can approach conflict in a mature manner.  Continue reading

True Love

True love comes through the true self.  The perfect conduit for love is an honest person—pure of heart, healed of trauma.  For love to come through us without distortion, we must not be barricaded by defenses or poisoned by wounds from the past.  We must be a clear vessel.

If we are living not from our true self but from a defended, distorted reality we will fail to love truly.  If, in childhood, we have hidden our true selves from the crippling clutches of our parents and a world that would crush us and we have not healed this, our adult expressions of love will be distorted. Continue reading

A love affair with self

We need to have a love affair with ourselves.  We must walk in our own nurturance, delight in the pleasure of our own company, and court our own soul—the soul that most awaits our attention and affection.  Then we can love others without strings attached.  When we’re in love with ourselves we can approach others without neediness or a hidden agenda—the expectations of rescue.

If we were neglected as children, we enter adulthood as love-cripples.  Now we must take the time alone, without the distractions or projections so often a part of romance, sex, and having a partner, in order to love the damaged child within. Continue reading