What Is the True Self?

At our conception, we are immaculate.  We are born imbued with truth, a spark of the divine.  And no matter what happens to us on our life’s journey, at the core of each of us remains a true and perfect self.  This is one of the mysteries of life and also one of the saving graces of human existence.  No matter what traumas we endured during our childhood, even during our troubled days in the womb, our core remains inviolate, untainted, sacred, and pure.

But why are we sacred?  Our humanity is sacred because of our capacity to interface with truth.  Our true self is that juncture where our human limits interface with the expansiveness of the truth in all things.

Yet until we differentiate from our parents and their traumatic legacy, some degree of our true self remains buried and unknowable.  An undifferentiated adult cannot live consonant with his or her true self and instead remains a reflection of limited parents.

If we remain subject to the damning, fearful, and coercive parental voices housed in our psyches since childhood, we have not found our true voice or our true identity, but remain a reflection of those who wounded us.  To embrace the truth of who we are we must each break from our mother and father, individuate, and become our own person—aligned with the truth that runs through all things.