The Accord of Angels

accord of angels imageA Modern Christmas Comedy

A full-length play by Frederick Timm,  © 1990

An introduction:  It’s chaos at Christmastime in a midtown Manhattan church office and a shape-shifting angel appears, drawing together a mismatched collection of characters—a rich church lady, a runaway youth, a socialite just out of rehab, a formerly homeless, Santaesque night watchman and a gay, parish administrator who has lost his faith in life’s meaning.  The angel guides each character to find himself or herself, each other and the true meaning of Christmas.  As they enter the darkest time of year, they find the light that shines in us all.

Production historyThe Accord of Angels has been produced once Off-Off-Broadway and has had countless readings for a variety of audiences around New York City.

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A note on the play’s context:  I wrote The Accord of Angels in 1990—a different time in my life.  I was then working, as one of my jobs, as a sexton in an Episcopal church, and set this play in a similar context.  My life has changed dramatically since then, but I feel this play’s spirit transcends its context, such that I find it holds universal value—which is why I offer it here on this website.  There is also a mention of forgiveness in this play—a son forgiving a father.  Although my attitude toward forgiveness has evolved since 1990, I did not change that line out of respect for the original work.