What is a visionary?

Fred Caracas 1975 #2

Me in Caracas, Venezuela, 1975



A visionary is a person who journeys into the wilderness, away from the comforts and compromises of the norm, to tangle with raw psychic forces—and imagine the new.

4 thoughts on “What is a visionary?

  1. For me he is a person who highly analytical thinker who sees things that not seen by the herd. He loses that vision if he consults others and decides to follow the herd.

  2. A Visionary is according to the dictionary ” thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.”
    I feel a Visionary is someone who sees the world as it could be and works towards that end.
    Being a Visionary I also know it entails being shunned, ridiculed and ignored because most people are to invested in the status quo to accept a possibly different future and react violently to a Visionary threatening that status quo. Often Visionaries are Shaw’s Unreasonable Man, to whom all progress depends.

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