Field Guide to a New Species

cover for PDF 4-20-16For the last decade or so I have had the growing realization that I am in the process of becoming a new species—and I have seen some others doing the same.  I—we—are not the same as Homo sapiens.  This brought many questions to my mind—both about myself, about the violence and suicidality of the norm, and about the process of becoming this new species, which I call Homo veritas.  My exploration on this topic has inspired this book—Field Guide to a New Species: A New, Sustainable Way to be Human.  Here I identify four types of humanity, each in its own place on the evolutionary path to consciousness.  The guide investigates how trauma and truth affect the behavior, attitudes, and sustainability of each—and in so doing provides the reader a self-reflective tool for personal evolution and a source of inspiration and comfort.

The four types are:

  • Homo sapiens, who number in the billions.  They are ruled by trauma, not truth, and lead destructive lives.
  • Rebels, who abhor the destructive ways of the average, but in their reactivity do not envision a new way.
  • Seekers (where I place myself), who also see the destructive ways of the norm, but become proactive in healing their traumatic past in order to find a new way, and, finally:
  • Homo veritas, who are ruled by truth, not trauma, and are the next step in human evolution.  They are sustainable and the hope of the future.

Field Guide to a New Species is available both as a print book and an eBook via, and also as a PDF download here on this website (for the same price as the amazon eBook).

Happy reading!