Our Purpose in Life

There is a purpose in life—to evolve to consciousness.  Humans are the crowning jewel of creation and our purpose is to evolve into full self-knowledge.  Our job is to bring the light of truth to all corners of our mind.  No matter how enshrouded our psyches have become in ancestral and familial trauma, we must clear the clutter and see truth.  This profound yearning to know ourselves fully is etched in the psyches of our common humanity.  We all carry this compelling blueprint.

The deepest drives in human nature are not and never were sex and aggression.  Those are but a vestigial link to our animal ancestry.  Nor is our life’s mission to conform to the traditions of family and culture, that is, to preserve our numbers and our influence and to maintain collective repression of both our traumatic legacy and our creative spirit.  Although we experience intense pressure from our parents and culture to deny both the creativity and the trauma in our inner world and to blindly adhere to the diversions of marriage and childrearing, if we do this we are lost.

The human paradigm has shifted.  Our contract with life has deepened.  Our purpose in life, the purpose realized by the most mature of our species’ representatives, is to manifest an evolved consciousness, to become free of trauma—to become a clear channel for truth.  With overpopulation from unconscious procreation putting a devastating strain on the natural world and presently threatening humanity’s survival, we are all called to this higher task of evolution beyond social conformity and beyond animal instinct.  The old paradigm of being fruitful and multiplying in physical numbers is over.  It is deadly and no longer fulfills life’s contract.

Evolution’s quest is not to overpopulate the planet and pollute and destroy humanity and the natural world, but to give birth to a new creation, through the conscious humanity in each individual’s true self.

8 thoughts on “Our Purpose in Life

  1. Hi Fred,

    I enjoyed your essays here. I don’t disagree with you, and I believe that implicit in your writing is a next step–to acknowledge our relationship with all life, Earth, and the cosmos. We are a part of the thirteen-billion-year story of the evolution of the universe. We are that portion of the universe that has evolved consciousness so that the universe can view itself. Our purpose in life is to experience and appreciate the incredible wonder of our living planet. And in gratitude for our ability to participate in this rich life, our species must come to see the universe as “a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects,” in the words of Thomas Berry. Our task is to enhance the flourishing of all life. This is what Berry called “The Great Work.”

    Warm regards,


  2. I found in a book – a primal human need besides eating, drinking and sleeping: making love…
    How can we make love without a motherly-fatherly rescue fantasy? How can this not play out in a sexual act?

  3. I love what you wrote. I totally agee.
    “Humans are the crowning jewel of creation and our purpose is to evolve into full self-knowledge.” So true.
    We’re able to think, feel, imagine and create. We can become self-aware.
    We can reflect. We can dream.
    There are many jewels in our crown.
    “The deepest drives in human nature are not and never were sex and aggression.” Thank you for saying this. To think otherwise is despicable. Freudian thought is blind to the inherent beauty, dignity and worth of every human being. I think it’s responsible for a lot of the destruction in the last century.
    I think our purpose is to find our own voice. But first we need to know our true self. Then we can tell others who we are and what we need, and help them do the same.
    I’ve been learning to do this since reading your wonderful book, “From Trauma to Enlightenment”. That, along with websites like this and that of your co-author Daniel Mackler have helped me so much.
    All I can say is thank you, over and over.
    Thank you!

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