Love Changes the Rules

Love enters oheart imageur being through the heart.  Love is a powerful force which compels us to grow beyond the limits of our upbringing.  Once away from our unconscious families, we are safe to heal our traumatic history and integrate our fragmented self into a whole person.  This integration is the marriage within, in which our human nature weds our higher nature; our instincts wed our ideals.  We become a whole person at last, at one with it all.

Most profoundly, this integration of the self changes the rules.  It generates a paradigm shift, a redefinition of what it means to be human.  No longer ruled by trauma like Homo sapiens, we become a new species, Homo veritas, ruled by truth under love’s authority.  With our new status, we change the world, simply because we have changed ourselves.

If we refuse this integration, with intractable trauma constricting the heart and preventing love’s entry and circulation, we will experience a crisis.  The blocked vitality of love energy accumulates into a torrent of force that breaks down our defensive walls and makes us vulnerable to change.  The false self perceives this breakdown as a tragedy.  The true self sees this breakdown as a breakthrough, a liberating invitation to authentic living.  If we resist growing throughout our lifetime, crises will emerge at each stage of the life cycle.  The most noted is the midlife crisis.

If we defy these crises collectively, they become a global catastrophe.  Individual dysfunction, multiplied exponentially, becomes burgeoning populations of troubled, violent masses which the planet cannot sustain.  Sad and shocking, this describes our world.

It is wise to open our hearts and let love transform us into a new species that instead of destroying life—sustains life.