The New Way

As economic and ecological collapse looms in our world, we humans must embrace a necessary transition.  We must evolve from outer to inner definition.  This is the new way.  This alone will save our planet home from desolation and our species from extinction.  To be part of this timely change, here are some suggestions.


Do inner work:  Grieve and heal childhood trauma; free yourself to be real.

Stay single:  Stay with yourself, find yourself, love yourself—find your singular purpose as defined from within and contribute this needed gift to the world.

Live verticalGrow up and out of trauma-based, conventional concerns and into universal purpose.

Manifest giftsDevelop and give your personal gifts to serve the world.

Live your dreamLife planted aspirations in you—embody them.  They will fulfill you and help many.

EvolveAlign with nature and truth in order to evolve consciousness to the next level.

Be humbleHumble means teachable.  Life rewards and uses the humble, teaching them the path of fulfilled living which will serve our evolving planet

Be youYou are an original and here for a purpose that only you can fulfill.  Do this by being you and meet your deepest responsibility as a human being.

TrustTruth and nature are stronger than human error and are your allies.  Truth and nature protect all life including yours.  Fear not—truth and nature are stronger.


Don’t get caught in dramaThe distractions of conventional living are fraught with distracting conflicts that can divert you from your primary purpose of growing up and upward into universal purpose.

Don’t have childrenThe world is crowded and crazy.  Having children when you are unhealed abuses them, thwarts your growth and puts more stress and pollution into the world. Give birth to your true self instead.

Don’t get marriedThe marriage you need is within.  Once freed of trauma, your instincts (your animal nature) can wed your ideals (your higher nature) and you become an integrated person—and a person of integrity.

Don’t get trappedDon’t get trapped in the limits of your family and culture.  Remember, you belong to truth and the grandeur of nature.

Don’t listen to noiseDon’t listen to the frightening noise of the world—listen to the quiet, reassuring voice of truth at your core.  All is well and so are you.

A Must Do

Live right—fear nothing.

These ideas are more fully explored in my book Field Guide to a New Species—a new sustainable way to be human.