Gay People’s Purpose: Deviation from the norm is a needed alternative

People with a differing orientation, not only to sex but more importantly to life itself, are a needed alternative in a world stuck in a destructive rut.  Anyone who lives honestly, aligned with truth and with an authentic identity, has differentiated from their trauma-based family and from the conventional norm.  Such people are a great asset in awakening humanity to its deepest purpose.  The gay variation is part of evolution’s quest for truth, a needed difference to redeem the world.

The conventional heterosexual norm remains wedded to denial in the face of a global crisis.  Average people, many of them gay as well—as so many gay people strive to emulate the heterosexual norm—see no problem in becoming parents.  This not only overpopulates the globe and stresses natural resources but distracts them from doing the necessary work that evolution requires—becoming conscious through self-reflection.

Having children for the unenlightened is a substitute for inner work.  And the children produced by unenlightened parents are not only in trouble—but troubled.  Parents who have not done their internal homework have a damning effect on the children they so vigorously defend having, and simultaneously unleash a crop of disturbed offspring into the world.  There is a limit to the amount of negativity the earth can absorb—physically and metaphysically.  We need a new template.

We need a strong, new variation on the theme of being human.  We need a new orientation toward life.  The norm can learn a lesson in alternative living from the most mature and insightful of its gay brothers and sisters:  those who remain unmarried and childless and devoted to doing their inner work.