Can’t Work?

What if we can’t work?  What if we lose our job, or quit because our job violates our values?  What if we simply have outgrown our job and find that it has become a rut?  What if we need to find more meaningful work?  What if our emotional growth is so intense that it prevents us from working for a while?  What if our process from healing from our traumas is so deep that we are incapacitated?

When we can’t work, we have a job to do.  We must listen to the lesson life is sharing with us during this out-of-work period.  Chances are life is asking us to find a deeper purpose.  When we have integrated the lesson, we will resume employment in a more meaningful way.  Once we have found a deeper sense of self, not only will work and jobs flow from the reservoir of new meaning released in us, but we may even find a calling, a mission, a vocation more profound than simply working for a paycheck to get by and pay bills.

It is important to know that we are not our job or our career.  No matter how talented we are at work, or how meaningful our job or career is, who we “are” is always more meaningful and primary than what we “do.”  And our main job in life is always to go deeper into the true self.