When the Time is Right, Live True

When the time is right, we come out and live true—no matter the consequences.  We emerge into the open with our new creation—a new idea, new art, an honest website, a daring scientific hypothesis.  But most importantly, we emerge as a new variation of humanity, aligned with truth.  This is how I define Homo veritas.  With ecological and economic collapse looming, the time for morphing into this new way of being human is quickly becoming a necessity.

Yet we may succumb to fear.  When the ideas we hold are too revolutionary, too unsettling for the family and the norm and even our conventional sides to accept, we fear expressing the truth.  We know the consequences of familial and social ostracism are painful to bear.  We fear giving birth to the ideas that are developing within us because we will be banished.  We may let the idea die within us, such that this new life becomes stillborn, causing no disturbance to the status quo.  In this way no conscience is challenged and no mind is forced to question—and we hide within the walls of conformity.  Our sword of truth remains hidden in a sheathe of fear.  And slowly we begin to die.

But for some of us there comes a time when we are strong enough, when critical mass is reached.  We rally our forces and choose to honor the life and the creativity that teem within us.  Do or die, we must be honest.  We begin to live openly with our new creation exposed—refusing to bow down in order to protect the betrayals of the family and culture.  We do not worry about the future or about consequences.  We take the action and we let go of the results.

6 thoughts on “When the Time is Right, Live True

  1. Definitely agree. Trying to figure out a way to make money in an authentic way right now and it is a challenge. The “tried and true” way involves basically selling people what they want. I made good money selling people leverage for day trading. They were happy even though not a single person made it more than 2 weeks without losing all their money. I was initially worried that they would take legal action or worse. Nope. They happily bought back in. When I shut the operation down, people hounded me, desparately needing their fix.

    Now I have a vision of helping people eliminate back pain, something I did. It was a long and difficult process that took 10 years. But after working through all the falsehood from “medical professionals” and trying every conventional and even alternative treatment, I slowly realized that these people are insane and relied on myself. Then I found a permanent solution.

    I am struggling to get people interested in the real solution. Pills, surgery, etc. that sells like hot cakes because it ensures that the problem is not fixed … which is really what 99% of people are after, a solution that looks like it is solving the core issue, but is gauranteed to not solve it. But few want the real deal solution because it would disrupt their lives. When I post the truth people react violently. A whole “mob” forms that shouts down my ideas.

    Still every now and again someone is receptive and engages. I think there may be enough people out there that are ready to actually heal and hopefully I can make a living helping them. Not so profound as the author of this website as healing all their trauma, but taking a wack at some superficial anger and issues to at least get them out of physical back pain. Maybe then they can dive deeper.

    • Alex your recovery from back pain is a great testimonial to healing from within first. You are an inspiration! Keep sharing your recovery of self! Fred

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