From Homo sapiens to Homo veritas

Currently humanity is undergoing a profound transition.  Our old way of being human, Homo sapiens, is not sustainable.  Ruled by trauma, not truth, Homo sapiens are not capable of acting in their best interest and will self-destruct.

But nature will answer this crisis as it has in the past through the mystery of evolution and a new species is emerging, Homo veritas.  This new species is ruled not by trauma, but by truth.

The 4 types of humans on earth now are as follows.

Homo sapiens are the most populace and are not sustainable.  They number in the billions.  They are ruled by trauma, not truth, and lead destructive lives.

There are 2 transitional types: Rebels and Seekers.  Rebels abhor the destructive ways of the average, but in their reactivity do not envision a new way.  Seekers also see the destructive ways of the norm, but become proactive in healing their traumatic past in order to find a new way.

Finally the new type of human is Homo veritas, ruled by truth, not trauma.  They are the next step in human evolution.  They are sustainable and the hope of the future.

These ideas are more fully explored in my book Field Guide to a New Species—a new, sustainable way to be human.

4 thoughts on “From Homo sapiens to Homo veritas

  1. Interesting. I do think the way forward is that we work on ourselves and then lead by example. If we become more conscious by healing our wounds, then we will radiate positivity, and other people will be inspired by us. They will likely be inspired without us even having to preach, although we may be tempted to share what we learned. As they say in 12 step programs, you can’t give away that which you don’t have.

    I don’t know of we can change the world, but I do know that we can change ourselves. So I think we focus on ourselves and our own actions.

    • Thanks Alex this is so wise. Work on yourself, heal yourself and guess what? You just changed the world. But others will notice. There is a ripple effect which I can not prove but only experience. Fred

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