Don’t Try So Hard — Just Be

Answers will come, even to our most perplexing questions and frightening dilemmas, when we can get quiet enough to listen.

When I quiet down, when I settle into the depths of my being, when I stop trying to change the world to work for me and just become still and fully and truly me, then I can hear myself, hear truth, hear the rhythms of the universe of which I am a part.  In this quiet, the answers are revealed.

Out of this depth, I trust the flow of life and trust the path I’m on.  Even if adjustments are necessary and a new direction is revealed, I see that I am already on the right path in the deepest part of me just by asking my questions in silence.  I need to be still in order to recognize the subtle voice of truth.

I can only find the depth of my purpose when I stop pushing and scrambling for answers in the outer.  Then the flow of life and its intention for me will come through.  When quiet is achieved and the answers given, then I can turn to the outer world to find the resources needed to match my inner and deepest intention.  There is always a way when the answers are real.

There is a paradox however.  I must consciously do something to not try so hard.  To be still can take great effort ironically.  I must stop my anxious pushing and trust life enough to quiet down.  Stillness, in the presence of the world’s frightened and at times frightening cries for attention, takes great courage.  Stillness in the presence of life’s deceptive cures and distracting enticements takes great trust.  But being quiet in the presence of the troubled noise of the outer allows a place within me to ring true.  Then I can express myself in the world with great power and moral authority for the energy coming through me is not from reactive fear but from proactive universal principle.

When I have settled into the depths of myself, then nature, truth and love flow through the receptive medium of me and a new way opens.  I receive the guidance and answers that eluded me in the noise of the world.  Now I ring clear as a bell from the crystalline sanctity of the quiet and power that resides in the depth of me.

May 31, 2016

8 thoughts on “Don’t Try So Hard — Just Be

  1. Between your beautiful poetic words I sense gnosis – guidance from our divine spark – guidance from those who placed it there

    Thanks Fred! – for this very helpful essay

  2. Great essay, definitely made a lot of sense as that sense of calmness is a quality that helps you think more clearly and deeply.

  3. “Don’t try so hard – just be”.
    This can be hard. It goes against current culture.
    This is why I love being alone in nature. It’s always been my joy and solace.
    Growing up, I’d walk around our park-like yard, even when it rainied. I’d gaze at our beautiful flowers, or up at the sky, through the leaves and branches of our trees. The scent of roses and citrus was intoxicating. And the birds were free – they could fly away from anything.
    I’d walk away asking myself why life had to be so complicated.
    It was and still is my respite from people and the chaos of modern life.
    It’s where I go when I get carried away with trying too hard.
    Trying hard just creates more pressure. Complexity is confusing and can be hurtful. Intellectual contortionists should stay in their ivory towers. It’s one tower I wouldn’t mind toppling.
    Nature don’t argue or complain. It’s not rude or demanding. There’s no comparing or competing.
    It just is.
    And it lets me be me.

    • I forgot to say thank you for this essay. Your description of emotional struggle is beautiful and uplifting.
      I’ve found so much of psychology to be too intellectual – and disrespectful as well. A lot of thinking and not enough being. What’s that saying, “The mind thinks, the heart knows” – or something like this. Your writing helps add clarity to my confusion.
      You write with heart.
      Thank you for so many thoughtful essays,

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