The Lonely Path

The transition from outer definition to inner truth is a lonely path.

We must leave much behind—including conventional friends and limited family members.  We must also leave behind old definitions of self, constructed and endorsed by the culture.  This too is a great loss.

As outgrown, external structure collapses, out inner structure has a chance to emerge.  But this inner structure is tested to be true.  Can it hold our developing and authentic, sense of self?  Can we shun the noise of the world and its claims of authority in our lives to listen to the subtle voice of truth at our core?  Can we stake our claim in an internal identity, apart from the seductive allure of the external world and the majority that conforms to it?  Can we live from within as the outer world shouts its outrage at our defiance of its supremacy?

It takes great courage to live from within and out of our core of truth.  And the transition from outer definition to inner truth is a lonely path that few travel. That’s why it’s good to listen in quiet reflection to the voice of truth that whispers encouraging words and reassuring support that we are actually not alone at all—but surrounded by universal forces that delight in our daring venture to live out of what’s best in us and best in all reality.  With that realization, even during what feels like our loneliness moment, we see we are not alone, but with the best company of all—our true self and the forces of nature and the universe that delight in our being true.