Work: Our life’s vocation is to become conscious

We all have work to do beyond our job and career:  it is to become conscious.  As we awaken from the child’s nightmare of despair we begin enlightened living.  As we heal the crippling offenses of the past we become free to develop our gifts—without fear of inner censorship.  Living and working authentically, we discover life’s meaning and make an original contribution to the world through our daily existence and labor.  We help others see the way, and we help life evolve further into consciousness.  This is our true work.

In becoming conscious, we must work to know our story and its implications.  We must toil in the fields of past feelings and trauma.  As members of a traumatized species, we all must face the fact that our past is troubled, filled with brambles, weeds, and disappointment.  When we struggle to root out the secrets of our painful history, we free our vitality and our garden grows.  Our dreams of artful, purposeful living become a reality.

With conscious living, our work shifts from survival and drudgery to vocation.  We develop our talents and gifts from the point of view of a life’s mission.  We sing, we dance, we write.  We become scientists, healers—and visionaries.  We no longer beg sustenance from life as an indigent child.  We strive to contribute to life from the surplus of an awakened adult.  Famine is over—the harvest is abundant.

As we become more conscious, we view the unconsciousness of others with compassion.  It was only yesterday that we were lost in our own nightmare of despair and our work seemed only to keep the wolf from the door and our pain at bay.

When we approach life awakened, our daily labor, even a routine chore, transcends its specific form.  Now every task expands consciousness—for we are conscious.  The example of a conscious worker affects all who come near him or her.  The fruits of our labor as conscious beings bring humanity closer to its consonance with truth.