What is Evolution?

Evolution is the mysterious urge that sparks all of life to grow into increased and more complex form—and ultimately to develop into full consciousness.

We can no longer define evolution as a biological construct dominated by natural selection and survival of the fittest.  With humanity’s enlarged brain and our capacity to seemingly “outsmart” nature at every turn, the biological evolution that was once defined by genetic mutational change occurring over the eons is now defined by human choice.

The effects of human choice can manifest in a split second, for better or for worse.  Whole ecosystems can evaporate, bulldozed into oblivion, with the flick of a thought.  Likewise, we can take forward leaps of consciousness in a fraction of a moment.

The fittest human beings are no longer the most dominant who create the most offspring.  That is an outdated paradigm.  We are the most dominate species ever to exist, invading and exploiting every niche of nature.  This has become the framework for our demise.  For a conscious and communal species like humanity, the fittest members are now the most conscious, the most cooperative, the most ethical—and the most loving.  This is the new paradigm of being human.

If the earth fails to sustain human life and our species becomes extinct, it will not be a failure of nature, but a failure of human nature.  It will be a crisis of conscience—and the earth will continue to spin around the sun, empty-handed.