My Work As a Therapist

As a therapist, I see daily how past traumas, inflicted in childhood, most notably by our parents, distort the quality of our adult lives.  There is no way around this truth.  Until we resolve our history, we will repeat it and lead compromised lives.  I have also observed that being traumatized is not limited to extreme cases, but is a thread that runs through our common humanity.

With trauma buried within, we are doomed to hurt ourselves, others, and our planet home.  If we fail to heal our psyches because we prefer the comforts of conformity or fear the disapproval of family and friends who are committed to psychic sleep, we will inflict our wounds not only on ourselves, but most tragically on the next generation:  our own children.

The painful work of indicting our parents and taking responsibility for our own healing is not only a necessity for leading a sane and fulfilling life, but also for ensuring our sustainable survival as a species.  To evolve into consciousness and ring true we must redeem our inner child and heal our past.  This is our deepest purpose.

The essays on this website address ways to free our psyches from familial and ancestral trauma in order to realize our true and sacred selves.  Healed of our wounds, we become human at last, living in harmony with self, others, and the natural world.  In essence, we become consonant with truth—enlightened.

4 thoughts on “My Work As a Therapist

  1. Hi, my name is Lilo and I came to this site because of Daniel Mackler’s awesome YouTube posts & interviews.
    My personal health challenges with depression and despair have brought me to the healing powers of Shamanism. After many groundbreaking healing experiences with the Shamanic Trance Journey, that is induced by drumming and were I can go deep to connect with my power animal and spirits to retrieve answers and ask for a healing for myself, I’m now in a Shamanic Apprenticeship.
    The Healing Power of Shamanism is able to transform trauma into strength and guide us to reconcile with the Spirit of Nature as the ultimate self-healing modality for humanity’s future.

  2. Sorry for repeating that part about my son smoking pot/marijuana each day; I thought I edited my email but obviously not. Anyways, I feel like my son could hurt himself or someone else. I had to call the police 2 years ago as he was in a psychotic state; they took him to emergency where he was released within a couple of hours without medication. If I recall properly, he was to go for counseling but didn’t bother.

  3. My son is a very disturbed 21 year old man. He is not on any medication. He smokes marijuana every day after work. He hates himself, he hates others, and he hates life. He listens to angry music. He smokes pot every day after work. He is withdrawn and can be very intimidating and threatening. His dad and I are divorced (my choice) and of course he’s angry at me for destroying our family. I went to my son many times confessing my failures to love him as he deserved to be loved, taking full responsibility, repenting and asking for his forgiveness. I don’t know what will help him to overcome his anger? I am trying to LISTEN to him without judgement and trying to learn about dialogue. My son feels so alone, trapped in hopelessness and despair. We live in British Columbia, and I am hoping to find some HELP before it’s too late.

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