The Survival of the Fittest—the Mutant

Life’s deepest purpose is to evolve into consciousness, not to stay stuck in humanity’s futile rut of replicating parochial patterns that pollute and overpopulate the planet.  Evolution’s fittest to fulfill this consciousness-seeking plan are not members of the non-reflective norm.  The fittest is the mutant, any creative outsider, gay or straight, who remains unmarried, childless, and willing to self-reflect.  This new variation of humanity is the freest to seek consciousness through self-awareness and to provide the change needed for the continuation of life.  This fittest is not a member of one tribe trying to dominate others, but a member of a universal fellowship guided by inner truth to cooperate.

On our confused planet, many species have become extinct and more follow at an alarming rate.  Humanity is next if we continue our mindless approach to living, oblivious to the impact that our unconsciousness exacts.  But life wants to help, and provides us with new models.  Creative rebels, gay or straight, live outside the norm and have survived humankind’s scorn for millennia.  This testifies to Mother Nature’s tenacity in preserving her outcast children and indicates that the creative mutants’ place in evolution is vital.  Mother Nature doesn’t like the arrogant, environmentally destructive norm that ignores her with cavalier indifference.  Mother Nature prefers the original seeker of truth, one who gives birth to his or her own healed inner child—not to more wounded children the environment can scarcely support.