The Earth is Ill

Because of humanity’s collective failure to resolve our traumatic history, we have become emotionally ill as a species.  Out of our minds, we abuse ourselves, others, and sorrowfully our planet home.  The earth is sick because we are sick.  We have asked the planet to absorb our exploitative and poisonous patterns that result from our emotional unbalance.  And this does not work.

As we continuously run from our true selves, we compensate for our emptiness by having children and overpopulating the planet.  We bulldoze nature to make room for more housing and more fields to produce more food to feed our exponentially growing masses.  We use drugs and alcohol for addictive highs to quell our emptiness and to avoid self-knowing.  We have compensated for failing to grieve our childhood tragedy by going on a global shopping spree, exploiting the earth’s resources and getting high on short-term profits with no concern for the long-term havoc we’re wreaking on Mother Earth.  To avoid feeling the pain in our interior we mindlessly exploit our planet home, turning our backs on the toxic dumps we create that match the toxic dumps within our collective psyche.

We deny that we’re destroying our planet home as we fill up another tank of gas and drive faster, getting nowhere near where we need to go:  within.  We are a sick world with symptoms knocking at our consciousness at every turn:  from gas prices to huge hurricanes to the necessity of applying sunscreen simply to walk to the corner because we’ve destroyed the atmosphere.

The devastation of our planet home mirrors the neglect we carry within.  No self-aware species would mindlessly destroy its host.  Bacteria do, viruses do, but when humans do, it is a crisis of conscience.  It is time to admit that as a species, Homo sapiens is mentally ill.  If we are to survive, we need to heal our individual and collective insanity.