Finding Our Purpose

It’s good to remember that when we are trying to find our purpose—our purpose is trying just as hard to find us.

As Seekers, we may receive little guidance from the conventional world as to what our next step should be.  Often those who seemingly should help us the most, our parents, our old friends, are least equipped to send us in the right direction, since their purpose is not to seek but to remain comfortable in the status quo.  That’s why it’s so imperative to leave the limits of our family and friends, who we have outgrown, when we seek a new way.

As we venture into the wilderness and even endure feelings of desolation and abandonment, our request to the universe for guidance is implicit in our courageous journey into the unknown.  And guess who meets us in this lonely terrain—our destiny, our purpose and our hard won, hard sought reason-for-being.

The universe will always send us signals to guide us, as we earnestly seek our path in life.  We must listen closely, but if we persevere, the guidance we need will open up in ways we never fathomed.   Sometimes with an obvious bolt of lightning!