My name is Fred Timm.  I am a psychotherapist and visionary living in New York City.

As a psychotherapist, I see both the magnificence and insanity of our humanity.  Individually and collectively, we carry a legacy of trauma which most deny, causing us to plunder the planet, others and sadly—ourselves.  Evidence abounds of individual and global catastrophe due to our rapacious and violent approach to living.

As a visionary, I see a new way of being human emerging: cooperative, creative, and sustainable—a new species, Homo veritas, ruled by truth, not trauma.  I explore this vision in my book Field Guide to a New Species.

In my work as a psychotherapist, I see how a few of us struggle with great diligence and anguish to heal the traumas we carry.  I also see that most of us don’t, and remain destructive toward ourselves and the world around us.  Instead of healing our wounds we pass on ancestral poison from generation to generation and misname this madness human nature—or we don’t question our behavior at all.  We are ruled by trauma—not truth.  A denied, wounded and rage-filled inner child runs our lives.  As a result, we cannot act in our best interests.  We are not sustainable.

Saddest of all, we hurt our children.  Seldom understood since we live unconscious lives, we have children to avoid healing our traumatic legacy by simply passing it on to them.  As the result, we’ve generated a crowded planet full of troubled people.  And time is running out.

We have a choice:  to live for truth or to die for lies.

Thank you for considering these ideas.  I invite you to heal your traumatic past in order to create a new and sustainable future, full of promise for yourself—and the world.